to Somtum Der Beijing

An authentic, rounded isan meal is equipped with various options -not one single dish-
to be enjoyed with friends and families at any moment of the day.

Opening Soon in June 2017

What's ISAN ?

Derived from a Sanskrit word, “Ishan” (north east direction), Isan is a commonly used word to describe the beautiful northeastern plateau of Thailand. Bordered by the famous Mekong River, Isan is situated next to Lao People's Democratic Republic and Kingdom of Cambodia. The region is known and loved for its strong family ties and lively cultures seen in upbeat music, memorable festivals and simple traditional clothing. Noted for their sincere hospitality, Isan people welcome guests with open hearts and fun loving spirits.

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Our Menus

Food is served in proportionate portion in order for each table to enjoy a wide range of food as one of Somtum Der’s customers called “Isan style Tapas”. The highlight is somtum, which has a lot of variety. One of the most popular somtum is tum thai kai khem (papaya salad with salted egg).

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Our Story

Somtum Der brought its authentic Isan recipes straight from Northeastern Thailand to Beijing at Raya Food Village on 6th floor of No. 1 Sanlitun (Topwin Center Building), where ten international restaurant outlets were carefully selected to offer distinctive taste of their own prides.

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